O l y m p i c P a r k

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The principle of the formation of the residential complex "OLYMPIC PARK" is "a city in a city". The concept provides the construction of 3 high-rise residential buildings, a shopping and office center, a stadium, a school and a kindergarten.

The majority of t he complex is given over to children's playgrounds and sports grounds, pedestrian and observation areas. In order to ensure the safety and comfort of the accommodation of residents, the territory is free from vehicles.

The concept of the residential complex "OLYMPIC PARK" suggests that all major social and cultural sites are accessible by foot. A new, modern, conceptual living space with a special atmosphere has been formed.

The dominant colours of the OLYMPIC PARK complex are grey and lime. The combination of these colors emphasizes the dynamic mood of the project. The colour of lime highlights the focal points of the individual buildings,, which achieves a sense of volume and free space.